jean-logoThe facial care methods combine specific highly-targeted movements with effective formulae and innovative processes. They genuine answers to the problems caused by dehydrated, oily, sensitive or dry skin, anti-wrinkle prevention or repair solutions, and options that satisfy the most demanding customers


Discovery Express Treatments – £25

A deep cleansing and detoxifying facial personalised according to your skin type to treat Sensitive, Dehydrated and Oily or Combination.
(Treatment time: 30mins)


Synergessence ‘Custom Made’ Facial – £65

This bespoke treatment is custom made to treat individual skincare concerns: Oily/Combination, Dehydrated, Sensitive/Dry and Anti-ageing . Specific solutions are combined with a ‘double layer mask’ manually massaged with spatulas to smooth out the features, maximise hydration and relaxation. The skin is left soft, wrinkles and lines are attenuated, the face is completely moisturised, smoothed, firmed and rejuvenated.
(Treatment time: 60mins)


Prevention ‘Anti-fatigue’ Chocolate Facial – £60

This ‘Anti-fatigue’ facial offers all stressed and over tired women a real multivitamin energy break and pure relaxation. The super-vitamin massage honey reactivates the energy within the cells. A delicious cocoa mask is applied containing many vitamins and minerals. This treatments brings immediate radiance and sparkle to the skin as well as combating ageing.
(Treatment time: 60mins)


Reparation Global Anti-ageing Facial – £65

The total Anti-ageing answer for renewed youthfulness in 1hr. This treatment attenuates the signs of ageing using marine products.
This is the ideal treatment to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, restore elasticity and firm the skin in a record time. Your face will appear younger and your expression relaxed
(Treatment time: 60mins)


Radiant Complexion Facial – £70

The perfect radiance anti-pigment treatment. A face, neck and neckline treatment with a revolutionary Eclalight complex stabilises the natural pigmentation system. The complexion is even, bright and radiant. Pigment spots are reduced and lightened.
(Treatment time: 1hr 15mins)


Luxury 3D Rides Anti-wrinkle Facial (Caviar Anti-wrinkle Botox) – £100

A high performance luxury face & neck treatment inspired by dermatology with a triple action. The results of this treatment are spectacular: the skin is replumped, wrinkles are visibly reduced, tissues are toned, the complexion is more radiant, skin is softer and the skin is visibly younger
(Treatment time: 60mins)


Luxury Elixir d’Or Facial (Gold & Pearl Anti-Ageing) – £100

A complete luxury anti-ageing response, containing real gold and crushed pearls to remineralise and restructure the skin. The skin is firm and plumped Up. The skin becomes luminous and radiant, the face regains youthfulness and the complexions glows with beauty.
(Treatment time: 60mins)


Luxury Total Youth Treatment – £100

This universal treatment, inspired by the latest stem cell technology, prolongs the activity of the youth cells. This treatment incorporates an acid peel for an immediate effect but also addresses all signs of ageing, visibly plumping up wrinkles and fine lines. It leaves the skin firm, with a more radiant complexion and looking younger.
(Treatment time: 60mins)


Luxury Soin d’Exception Treatment – £100

This exceptional treatment uses new digitopuncture techniques and a new active ingredient: Tresor d’Actifs. Tresor d’Actifs is an advanced complex of active mother-of-pearl proteins and plant stem cells from the Argan Tree.  It stimulates cell renewal in the dermis, reconstituting it and restoring it’s density. The skin regains suppleness, firmness and elasticity. The neckline is smoothed; the skin is like ‘lifted’ firm and radiant. (Treatment time: 60mins)


So Nature Absolute Beauty facial – £100

Formulated with 100% natural active ingredients, Organic certified and Paraben Free. A complete range to treat all skin types including  Anti-ageing, accompanied by an exclusive Spa Method based on performance and pleasure. The complexion immediately regains its radiance, the plumped up skin glows and features are rested.
(Treatment time: 60mins)


Innovation Scientifique Dermocosmetique (ISD) – £100

A leading dermo cosmetic high precision anti-ageing treatment line regarded as ‘the last alternative to plastic surgery’ (Treatment time: 45mins)


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